Cinderooz – Testimonials

Both my dog and I love the Cuddle `n Carry

—Janie and Keira

Iggyi am writing from inside my shirt. i just wanted to let you know that i came in from the cold and i was all wet and i couldn’t get warm. the big dog wouldn’t lie still so i could curl up next to him. so i was shivering for some time and mom didn’t even know it because she was on the phone. then she saw me, and put me in my cuddle `n carry shirt. now i’m so warm i finally stopped shivering, and my eyes are closing . . . .

you probably won’t get many letters from those of us who get to curl up inside the cuddle `n carry shirt, so on behalf of all us little guys: thank you. what a great idea. love, iggy

—Iggy and Rebecka

FosterKittens1Foster Fun!

—Michelle and foster kittens

Wasabi2I love the Cuddle `n Carry! It’s great. Wasabi, my Min Pin puppy, also loves it! Great product!

—Jess and Wasabi

Sophia-SidneyMy birds and dog love the Cuddle `n Carry.

—Linda and Sidney

MartyI really liked using the Cuddle `n Carry on the subway. Before I used a carrying bag, and I was always worried that people might bump into it when it got crowded. This time he was safe in the pouch and had a secure place to nap on the way home.

—Alisa and Marty

CassieCassie, with her tiara, loves the Cuddle `n Carry.

—Jean-Marie and Cassie

SnippetWe received our Cinderooz jackets and absolutely LOVE them!

—Janis, husband, and Snippet

RicoI’m so pleased with my Cuddle `n Carry! It’s so comfortable, soft, and warm. My little cutie, Rico, loves being snuggled up to me and just closes his eyes and falls asleep.

—Magdalena and Rico

OliverOliver loves to snuggle.

—Charlene and Oliver