Cinders Made Me Do It!

Donna, founder of Cuddle 'n Carry Pet Pouch by Cinderooz My name is Donna. My Italian Greyhound, Cinders, is the reason I invented the Cuddle `n Carry Shirt.

Cinders came to me when he was eight weeks old; he weighed only four pounds and was a sick little fellow who needed lots of TLC. The only place he was comfortable, warm, and content was nestled inside my shirt, where the physical closeness and sound of my heartbeat provided the security he needed. When I peeked down in my shirt I would see him all curled up sleeping soundly.

Out of this bonding experience grew Cinders’ desire to spend all of his nap times in my shirt. My maternal instincts also welcomed this arrangement. The only problem was that I had to stay seated in order for him to remain securely in my shirt. Like many of us these days, I wasn’t able to sit still that many hours. Cinders’ need for closeness and my need for mobility prompted me to create the Cuddle `n Carry Shirt. It was the perfect solution to my pet-carrier dilemma.

Cinders is 14 years old now and his favorite place is still inside the Cuddle `n Carry Shirt. I now have two other Italian Greyhounds and a kitten that also enjoy alternating time close to my heart in the Cuddle `n Carry. I’m sure you and your pets will enjoy the Cuddle `n Carry experience as much as we all do!

resellers5 news2 About Cuddle ‘n Carry—The Pet Pouch You Can Wear With or Without Your Special Friend

The versatile, innovative Cuddle `n Carry Shirt provides many benefits to both you and your pet. It is designed to carry any small animal weighing up to 10 pounds in the integrated pet pouch. This allows puppies or teacup breeds, kittens, small rodents such as rats, ferrets, or guinea pigs, and birds to enjoy the closeness and security they’ll feel when tucked inside, next to your body. Puppies or teacup breeds, kittens, small rodents such as rats, ferrets, or guinea pigs, and birds will enjoy the closeness and security they’ll feel when tucked inside, next to your body. You can also wear the Cuddle `n Carry as a regular sweatshirt—no one will know about the “secret” pet compartment.

Bonding —  The Cuddle `n Carry fosters close contact between you and your pet and promotes bonding. The advantages of this close contact are many. For your pet, being carried in a soft, comfortable space close to your heart makes him feel secure and loved. This makes Cuddle `n Carry an ideal garment for people who are fostering small kittens or puppies who feel safe next to the sound of a heartbeat.

As the pet owner (and wearer) you have direct supervision of your pet who is literally under your watchful eye. You can feel him breathe, feel his every movement, and hear every sound he makes.

Comfort —  Unlike a shoulder bag, pet carrier, or carry sack, which put uneven stress on one side of the body, the Cuddle `n Carry Shirt allows your pet’s weight to be evenly distributed throughout the garment and you can continue your activities hands free.

Simplicity  There is no need to bring along a pet carrier for your pet—just zip your little pal into the sweatshirt’s pet pouch and off you go. When your pet needs to exercise, simply remove him from the Cuddle `n Carry Shirt—it’s that simple. There’s nothing to carry except your best friend, right next to you.


Important InformationAbout caring for Cuddle 'N Carry Shirt

  • WARNING : This garment is designed to carry pets weighing less than 10 pounds. Human infants/children should never be carried in this garment. There are several high-quality baby carriers on the market made specifically for that purpose. Please keep everyone safe and only put very small pets in the Cuddle `n Carry Shirt.
  • Do not keep your pet inside the Cuddle `n Carry Shirt while driving.
  • We recommend that you get your pet accustomed to the Cuddle `n Carry in the comfort of your home before going out into the world—you’ll both be more comfortable in the long run.

Cinderooz Welcomes Qualified Resellers

Are you on the market for a truly unique pet product to carry in your pet shop, specialty online pet market, or as part of your product line extension? Are you interested in becoming a Cuddle `n Carry sales representative? You’ll find the information you need on our  Resellers page.