Cuddle `n Carry Lets You Take Your Small Pet Everywhere With You

Cinderoooz™ developed the Cuddle `n Carry Shirt with you and your pet in mind. We know there’s nothing like holding your precious pet, and the warm fuzzy feeling of having your pet snuggled up against you. Now you both can enjoy this intimate experience while you walk, shop, work, dine, and more with our patented pet carrier sweatshirt.

Cuddle `n Carry isn’t simply a sweatshirt your pet can sit in. It has a special pouch incorporated into the garment’s construction so that your pet—small dogs and cats, birds, or other small animals—sit comfortably and securely between the outer layer of the shirt and the layer against your body. This pet-carrying pouch allows your special friend (weighing up to 10 pounds) to curl up and snuggle in a confined space, and poke out a curious head whenever needed.


When you aren’t carrying your pet inside, the Cuddle `n Carry Shirt can be worn as a sweatshirt on its own. We’ve made the design and quality the best we can so you will enjoy the Cuddle `n Carry for years to come and come back for more!

Purr-raise from our fans

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